Thursday, December 6, 2007

CVS Run, Can This Be Legal?

I think this was my best week ever at CVS. I won't delve in to all that I bought, but Ill tell you that I spent $1.58 oop and the total before sales and coupon and ECB's was $94.56! After the cashier rang all my coupons the cashier said, "wow you saved $60"...then I handed her a ton of ECB's(thanks Black Friday). Shocked at the total she said "I've never seen this happen before!"
Then she proceeded to hand me a few feet long receipt with a lot more ECB's attached(I haven't even looked to see how much money I made)!

My teenage son calls my CVS run my moonshine run because it's like I'm doing something illegal! Hey, getting all those good deals is hard work. It takes time to research the sales and match the coupons. Let alone trying to match the amount due at the end of the deal with the amount of ECB's that are my wallet.

Speaking of ECB's, people ask me a lot how I keep up with them, because they get them too, but forget about them. My answer to that is this: Every time I get ECB's I tear off my receipt and wrap the ECB's around my Extracare card so I can't forget or lose them and stick them in my wallet!

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Kacie said...


Do you have a pic of all that loot? I haven't been to CVS this week--maybe I should go!