Friday, January 11, 2008

There are worse addictions

As a frugal person, I believe every person has a least one frugal bone in their body! I often turn people on to deals I hear about and how I save money using coupons, thrift shopping, and buying from garage sales. I have been talking a lot about my CVS deals with some of my friends and a couple of them are hooked! Especially my friend Karen. She reminds me of myself when I first started CVSing, by making 2-3 runs a day to get the bargains. She calls me all the time to tell me her lastest deal. She also has recently started shopping at Goodwill with my encouragement.
I warned her yesterday to be careful because the frugal lifestyle is addictive!

But I personally love it!

Does anyone else share your deals with others?


suzof7 said...

It's fun to share! I've only recently started couponing again, so the only person I'm sharing that info with is hubby, but I do love telling my friends about my thrift shop finds!
PS - I am trying to refrain from going to Walgreens more than once a day, lol!

Kama said...

I have just gotten into CVS shopping and have almost always been into using coupons. I've tried to get my mom into doing this as well, but she thinks I'm a little crazy and "spending money to get stuff that I don't need." She doesn't get that I get most of the things for free or super cheap!!