Sunday, September 30, 2007

Car Woes

In 2001 I got fanatical about getting out of debt. We sold our new truck that I absolutely loved, because the payment was $587 monthly. It was stupid for us to buy the thing anyway, but because we got a deal through my husband's employer our good sense flew out the window. I got that feeling when the loan manager told us what the payment would be. You know the feeling one gets when they know they're doing something wrong and stupid. At that point, it was very hard to walk away from the deal plus, the new car bug consumed me. After selling the truck, I drove a 1991 Eagle Talon(an extra paid for car we had at the time). One day the timing belt broke and did serious damage to the engine. It was too costly to fix, so what did we do? Financed a new used car that we didn't have the money for. That car was $16,000 and after looking over the paperwork today I noticed we put down $1500! I could have paid cash for another car with that. Two years ago, my husband got a better paying job and wanted a new used truck. Because he was working so hard(about 60hrs/wk), I agreed to it. This year he wanted a used Z06 Vette. I gave in again. You know that feeling? It rushed over me, again. Some people never learn. We have since sold the Vette...much to my husband's dismay. The moral of this story is we are never going to get ahead owing a bunch of money on cars. We have one decent car payment(oxymoron)now(the truck) that I want to pay off in 24 months. I know we can do it with a little self discipline and hard work. I'll save those topics for another day!

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