Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pickin' up Pine Cones

Pine cones on the ground means fall is in the air. The pine cone is so natural and so pretty. I have some of the biggest pine cones in my attic. Ones I painted silver for Christmas years ago. I picked them up on the side of the road on my MIL's street. A few days ago, while in Wallyworld looking for candles, I noticed they had bags of pine cones for sale for $3.97. It never dawned on me pine cones were a consumer good. So I came home and searched the net. Sure enough, any type and size of pine cone one could want is available online. Now mind you I wanted pine cones to fill this basket, but a short walk to a pine tree in my neighborhood resulted in an overflowing bounty of free pine cones. Everyday since then my 3 year old asks "Mommy, are we going to pick up more pine cones today?" I think we made a memory.
Tip: Add a few drops of essential oil to your pine cones and place in a storage bag for a few days. Place them in baskets and/or bowls around your house for a fragrant treat.

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