Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flatware find

I am hosting Thanksgiving for 10 of my family members this year. I debated on purchasing plastic ware or using flatware.
I have a hodge podge of flatware and would not have enough forks so I decided on purchasing a new set of flatware.
I found a nice set of Oneida at Walmart for $24.99 for 4 place setting. I was looking for an eight place setting so I would have had to buy 2 for $50.
I decided to check out Kohl's. They had a Cuisinart service for 8 with the wooden box for storage and a 5 piece hostess set. The original price was $139.00, but knowing Kohl's it was on sale. I took it to the price scanner and it showed the price as $69.00.
However, one of the salad forks was missing and I it was the last one they had so I took it to the counter and asked if it could be discounted. The gentleman at the register did not bat an eye he promptly took an additional 20% of the already %50 off!
My point it explaining all this is when you notice a damaged box or item ask for a discount. Chances are they will give it to you to get rid of it.
Now I wonder what happened to that salad fork that was strapped on the front of the box with a zip tie. Maybe an employee needed it for their lunch! We will never know.

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